Artwork: Bronze Sculptures

Fly Fishing

The sculpture is a life size bald eagle lifting off the water after capturing a rainbow trout.  When I first started sculpting birds of prey, I always wanted to someday produce a full sized bald eagle.  After sculpting thousands of individual feathers and placing them on the body, it is done. Size:  70 x 30… Read more »

Wind Riders 1

While walking in the woods one very windy fall day, I watched the wind blowing leaves around on the trail.  I have captured that action in this sculpture made of bronze, stainless steel and black granite.  The sculpture is 45 inches long, 18 inches wide and 14 inches tall.  It is a limited edition of… Read more »

The Last Stand

The Sockeye salmon is an iconic species in BC. I have designed the sculpture to depict the two fish struggling against the current as they proceed to the spawning grounds. The piece is all bronze and is 41 inches long 22 inches wide and 12 inches tall. It is a limited edition of 30.

Underwater Waltz

I wanted to capture a scene I witnessed of two French angelfish circling in mid water. I designed an abstract base to allow the fish to “float” without being attached to the bottom. The fish are bronze and the support is cast stainless steel. The piece is mounted on a base of black granite. It… Read more »

Garden Warriors

This sculpture captures that moment of territorial interaction between two Anna’s hummingbirds. The feisty, beautiful, little birds seem so delicate and yet the second they see each other the chase is on! Here a honeysuckle flower wrapped around a dead tree branch is the prize under contention. The sculpture is 15 inches tall, 15 inches… Read more »

Follow the Leader

It is a flight of Snipes as they follow each other along the braking surf along a beach. The birds emerging off the beach are 1/4 life size while the birds in the middle are 1/2 life size and the final bird, the leader, is life size. The sculpture is 52 inches long, 24 inches… Read more »

As the Crow Fries

This bronze sculpture depicts a scene that takes place everyday all over North America, 3 crows interacting over a park visitor’s leftover lunch. The sculpture is 42 inches high x 36 inches deep x 30 inches wide. It is well suited to be mounted outdoors.


This sculpture depicts a life–sized Bufflehead duck at the precise moment that the tail feathers touch the water and the feet are just about to make contact. The Bufflehead is one of the smallest ducks in Canada. The piece is 22 inches long by 16 inches wide by 11 inches tall. It is mounted on… Read more »

Silent & Serene

This sculpture depicts a Great blue heron standing on a mostly submerged tree root in a small pond loaded with cat tails, patiently hunting fish or frogs. The bird is life size and could be installed either indoors or outside in a pond. The base is 1.25 inch thick black granite. The sculpture is 31… Read more »

Split Decision

The Peregrine Falcon is the world’s fastest bird, reaching speeds of 270 miles per hour! Here, the falcon is in hot pursuit of a pair of American Goldfinches. In keeping with the theme of the birds flowing out of the metal, the heads are fully detailed while the bodies and tails are more impressionistic. The… Read more »